Redeemer Baptist Elementary School is an active member of The Association of Christian Schools International. Participation in this International Association offers many benefits to the school and students alike, such as: Accreditation Board, Excellent Teacher’s Conventions, Administrator’s Conference, Choral and Art Festivals, Academic Activities for Students, and Seminars and Group rates for field trip activities.

The Redeemer Baptist Elementary School is under the jurisdiction of the Redeemer Baptist Church. The members of the Board are vitally interested in the education of all those who are in its education program. They are a policy making group and keep themselves abreast of current trends in the field of education.


Redeemer Baptist Elementary uses the A Beka Curriculum. This curriculum provides a comprehensive education with a Christian perspective. At each grade level, the teacher follows a broad scope and sequence to review and introduce various skills. The material is presented in a sequential manner creating a ladder toward higher learning. Throughout the year, the children are challenged to be responsible students and actively engaged in their own learning, which enable parents to assist, as they wish in their child’s progress and academic growth.

Redeemer has computer classes for all grades. The students interact with the computer using reading, math, and language software. In the upper grades students are taught word processing, data base and spread sheets.

Children have music instruction twice a week. They will develop theory skills and vocal. There is a Christmas and Spring musical each year.

Physical education at Redeemer Baptist is designed to improve the childrens’ physical and motor skills. In upper divison (4, 5, 6, 7,8) individual skills are applied in a team sport setting. In lower division grades (TK, K, 1, 2, 3) individual skills are applied in group participation activities.

Various educational field trips are taken throughout the school year. Our students enjoy trips to museums, farms, aquariums, missions, theaters and many other places of interest in Southern California..


Our Kindergarten students receive an evaluation based on effort and achievement.

O = Outstanding: This mark communicates that the child achieved above average on the objectives.
S = Satisfactory: This mark communicates that the child has met the expected objectives.
N = Needs Improvement: This mark communicates that the child was not able to meet the objectives.

Our 1st-8th grade students receive letter grades based on percentages.
A+ = 100% – 98%
A =   97% – 93%
A- =  92% – 90%
B+ = 89% – 88%
B =   87% – 83%
B =   82% – 80%
C+ = 79% – 78%
C =   77% – 73%
C- =  72% – 70%
D+ = 69% – 68%
D =   67% – 63%
D- =  62% – 60%
Below 59% = F

Terra Nova Testing
Academic achievement at Redeemer Baptist Elementary is carefully, monitored on a yearly basis using the Terra Nova Testing. The Terra Nova Test is a nationally respected instrument for measurement of scholastic achievement. Our students’ excellent test scores reinforce our reputation for solid academics. A large majority of our students consistently rank above the national average.

Honor Roll is for the fourth through eighth grade students that earn high academic grades receiving no more than two B’s during each of the four quarters.